Who we are

Printelligence was born as a result of challenges within the print industry, especially poor specification causing people to not know exactly what they wanted or even had! Simon realised that if there was a platform to effectively translate people’s wants quickly and clearly into accurate and universally accepted print specification, this would eliminate the issue, massively improving efficiency within the industry, and changing it forever.

Building on this, accessing past specifications quickly to enable instant re-orders would ensure exact replicas are produced, eliminating any risk of a mix-up or accidental change in spec. To this end, IoP (Internet of Print) was created. IoP allows users to scan previous print jobs through the Printelligence app which then takes the user to the exact specification of that product.

We Think different

What We Do

We meet the needs of print buyers everywhere through a digitally delivered print solution. Bringing all of your print products together within one universal specifier, along with the exciting and speedy feature of IoP, we can help standardise and improve your print process.

Our Mission

We want to make buying and selling print as easy as possible through our SaaS platform in order to generate profits for charitable giving, influential thinking, our staff and growth. We will never buy or sell print.

Our Team


Simon Biltcliffe

Founder & CEO

Simon’s early career and experience in selling web offset printing fueled him with a passion for the print medium but equally led to frustration from what he saw to be a lack of knowledge, experience and efficiency in the way print requirements were specified, priced and project managed.

With this in mind, Simon set up Webmart in 1996, one of the first print management businesses in the UK. Webmart has grown to become a leading managed services firm by building on its core values of transparency, efficiency and fairness.

The business continues to focus on improving knowledge and efficiency through education and technology.

“Now’s the time to take the next logical step, building on 20 years’ experience and insight of managing print, to create a marketplace where people who want to, can easily buy and sell print themselves. It’s very exciting!”


Jacques Hauwaert


Jacques’ vast experience in controlling the finances of both established and start-up businesses spans several continents, which coupled with his clear leadership and project-oriented skills makes him the perfect numbers man for Printelligence.

Having worked with Simon since 2014, Jacques’ previous strategic and operational history in the control and development of financial departments is proving a key strength as Printelligence continues to grow.



Vamsi Marupudi


Vamsi is a lovely bloke who rather conveniently has a vast amount of experience architecting and driving tech stuff for clients across multiple sectors and countries. We’re really lucky to have him in the green world that is Printelligence.

As CTO, Vamsi makes sure that Printelligence’s systems are happy and offer our clients the easiest and most straightforward way to buy print in the known universe.


Rory McCoole

Creative Director

Rory is our Creative Director. His wealth of knowledge and experience helps drive the creative opportunities we can deliver for our clients and that expert pair of eyes often needed.


Rob Armistead

Marketing Manager

Rob is focused on the global roll-out and marketing of Printelligence. His experience of global product launches for a large multinational organisation will help drive and grow the business in order to highlight the benefits of coming into the green world that is Printelligence.

Rob also works closely with the team in order to guarantee relationships are all fine and dandy to ensure the benefits of ‘going green’ are as clear as possible.