My Favourite Print Blunders

I have spent a very enjoyable half an hour in the office scrolling through countless amusing print fails. Some of them are down to rookie errors, some are just complete howlers. Take a look at some of my favourites below, and be sure to avoid these mistakes! Else you might end up in my next funny print errors post…

This one is just plain ironic. When advertising THEIR product as something to aid children’s learning, they came up with this:




Whilst this is just a simple typo, its placing couldn’t be much less ideal. Take a look at the bottom for the pinnacle of irony.



People can often underestimate the importance of grammar. Here’s a slightly morbid example to illustrate my point.


Again, the context does not help the case here… nightmare!


This last one isn’t really print related, but it shows the importance of checking what you’ve written before submitting! Back in 1904, a drink called ‘Ovomaltine’ was released in Switzerland. Later, this drink was exported to Britain, but on the trademark application the name was misspelled. Instead of ‘Ovomaltine’ they wrote ‘Ovaltine’ – which is why Ovaltine is called Ovaltine in English-speaking nations today.

Check your spelling!

By Tom Maskill at 26 Jun 2017, 10:02 AM


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